A little about my family

i noticed yesterday that my family doesnt know one basic fundamental asset of having a conversation

*if you are not in the same room when conversing, raise your voice*

it seems that at least once a day, someone tries to spark conversation, but walks right on out of the room without changing the volume of their voice

or i will hear a "luke..asdhf....mumble mumble mumble" from down the hall when i'm in the garage, or in my room. somewhat frustrating

i'll be in the kitchen, my mom walks by in the hall - "hey luke, can you make sure to do this and ....." thats where she has entered her bedroom and closed the door. and still continues to speak as if i'm right there

i'm in my room watching a movie, katelin (one of my sisters) walks by "mumble mumble Luke mumble asdhnk". why did i not understand? because she had already gone in the garage and started talking to me

trivial, yes, but i feel like my household should have captions at all time. just how i like to watch my movies.


Brent said...

Captions would be interesting, but I think they'd get upset that you weren't then looking at them while they talked to you.

david thomas said...

hmmmn... how unfortunate, but i think i have a solution.

if the problem is the seperate rooms - just get rid of them.

no more walls - then volume wont be an issue.

ps. in response to your comment, thank you.

that is all.

Alli Hibb said...

If I had captions, I would try to speak in big words so the stenographer would have a difficult time keeping up.

Angerson said...

I agree. "Ange, would you empty the fmubke snugliiu..."

KAT said...

My favorite is when mom walks into your room when your sleeping, and tells you a list of chores and something really important to do later in the day. when you finally wake up,you can't remember if it was a dream or not.....
Hey Luke remember to blah blah blah...blah blah