to work or not to work at starbucks


should i try and get a job at starbucks

extra cash, and something to do during the week when school is done

a bunch of my friends work there already

if not there, then any other suggestions?

also, should i get a vespa

decisions decisions decisions


Alli Hibb said...

I worked at Starbucks.

The pay is terrible, but it's nice to have tips...and I loved the free drinks, but gained about 30 pounds...

Also, I have always wanted a vespa...but my dad says they are unsafe. If you buy one, can I take my picture on it?

Alanna Marie said...


Brent said...

Definitely to the Vespa.

David Hughes said...

i'm gonna go with:

*no to starbucks
*no to vespa
*no to alanna not using spacebar

picture this:

"yea luke we really need guys we'd love to have you work some weekday afternoons"

"oh hey mr. manager have me down on the schedule for friday night, saturday night, and sunday morning this week"

"uuum yeeeaaaa well uuuh yeaaaa we're just kinda short guys but once we get that straightened out we won't have to have you working those shifts so yeaaaaa...if you just wanna come on those days that would be great"

coffee sucks.