hold on to your butts...


went off roading up saddleback mountain with
Tom and tom's new truck named taco
gabe and camera
andy and camera
Mark and marks truck and marks girlfriend (her names meagan(the GF))
Jeep and shelby and quad (yet to be named, any ideas?)

we found a little challenge (little but not that little) so i went up it
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its hard to tell, but i made it

then i decided to go down it to see how crazy it would be. 1-10 scale of insanity, what do you think?
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and i made it down

so we're comin down the mountain, i think mark missed this part because he had to go a little early, but i go up a side trail that led away from the regular trail. i realize suddenly that i dont want to be over here.

so i charge through the trees/bushes/rocks/wildlife to get back to the regular trail

everythings going fine until sam starts screaming. next second, jeep's front right tire falls in a 3 foot by 2 foot ravine, and my front bumber slams into the dirt side of the slope

and i'm stuck with a smashed front end
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some dudes stop and help us out by jacking up the front middle of the car, i dig out the wheel, and 5 guys jumped on the back rocking it up and down till my wheel got up and out of the ditch from hell and i got back on the road

minor casuality - my front bumper was wrecked so i decided to custom fabricate my 4bi into a mean looking SOB
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what do you think. better or worse?

all together a pretty extreme sunday afternoon

but my car isnt really running right now, so i have to go get it over to the mechanic.

dont worry, jeep will be fine. it's probably already fixed itself by the time i'm done posting this blog


Alli Hibb said...

seems like a pretty intense sunday...but pretty fun too!

Angerson said...

Luke. Don't let mom read this blog. She'll flip out.... Also, I'm never letting you borrow my SUV. Ever again.

Brent said...

That's insane. You're nuts.

Nate said...

Cool pics from the top. I like that hill...freaks people out when you make it up. Hmm...lesson? Tread Lightly... ;)

david thomas said...

as far as the scale of insanity is concerned... this is definatly like a fourty-two.

most extreme person ever, you are.