snooze it or lose it

i use to sleep alot. now i dont. this has directly effected how unbelievably comfortable my bed is in the morning

i turn on the light to my room, turn off Amber the Gecko's light, take out the keys, wallet, cell phone, and whatever else that has found its way into my pockets, turn on the tv which already has jurassic park or Independence Day on a 24/7 loop, plug in the phone charger, turn on the fan, turn off my room light, 30 minute sleep mode on the tv, and go to sleep

i'm surprised that i've never had a dream about saving the world, fighting dinosaurs, or flying planes next to the president and will smith

i've woken up in the night trying to find my ringing phone. i find it on my bed and start talking, only to realize no one called, the phone never rang and i'm not even holding anything

i once thought a giant fat hamster was sitting in the chair in my room

i once thought there were cowboys digging for gold in the night in the atrium at my house, and one of them was holding a cup of coffee

i once thought a giant spider was eating my dresser (i know allison, spiders are scary)

i once thought a giant iguana was on my chest staring me in the eyes. but then i totally realized that was actually real (R.I.P. iggy)

animal names that i regret, here they are:
crazy legs


Alli Hibb said...

crazy legs...i like it...

Angerson said...

How could you regret the name "normal"... that was the CUTEST cat name!! Plus, you didn't name Crazy Legs -- i did....hahahahaha... this blog made me laugh a lot.

Angerson said...

Other names we regret:
A bird name Issabelle
Joey (that cross eyed cat)
Sweet Pea (with the big ass thing on his head)
Ivan (the tortoise that ran away)