catch this, tom hanks

there are only a few feelings stronger in my life then my love for vanilla coke

i was at work the other day and watched a pool cleaner for a good 10 minutes. if the guys knew i was doing this, they'd probably get a little pissed. but i was fascinated by how relaxing it seemed to just brush the bottom of a pool with an abnormaly long brush

i dont care what that commercial says, visa is not faster then cash

crows are the road runners of orange county

there are two types of bassist - the ones that play and the ones biased against people who play bass

my porch is disgusting. its messy, dirty, wrappers and bottles everywhere, a wheelchair just hangin out along with my mountain bike and two speakers that are pretty big and blocking the doorway. we are officially the white trash of ladera ranch and it feels great


Ange said...

I still haven't seen you ghetto white trash condo. This weekend?

J.A. Hood said...

consider this: out - door - couch.