never forget

the following seemingly useless powers could have really come in handy today

1. the super power to create a mix cd that i'll still like tomorrow
2. the super power to see if a lighting fixture is crooked the first time i put it up
3. the super power to not procrastinate on the things my mom tells me to do. i know mom, i need insurance
4. the super power to not be terrified of the rat skull that poked out of the hole i cut in the drywall
5. the super power to know where my tape measurer is at all times
6. the super power to identify a piece of medal as harmless or a razor sharp tool of satan
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just to let you know, electrical tape is the electricians spider man band-aid

i put the skull in the office. your welcome pete


Ange said...

Ummmm...yeah, you need insurance. I would have liked to see the look on Pete's face when he saw that skull.

Alli Hibb said...

I would like to have a "i made this for you" CD-off...
I'll win, just so you know.