dear zack from allison and luke

dear zack

i offically named our band in my head. its zack attack. you're welcome

i love you because we share a love for matchbox twenty

your sense of humor challenges my sarcasm to a whole new level or douchebagness

your subtle hatred of allison is always hilarious but contagiously awkard

i'm sorry for telling dominick that you stole his book

i'm not sorry at all, since you did, in fact, steal it

but i do think you are nice

and you smell nice

and i think that you are funny

i love that you are such an easy get when it comes to your musical tastes

i'm really excited for the day that the Lord unveils your love for Africa...

thanks for letting us be a part of the band...we've really enjoyed it

and i didn't even notice that you didn't have your capo in the right place

but i did notice that the harmonies didn't sound quite right

you know what else is not quite right?: the lord of the rings soundtrack

i did notice the improper capo placement and good thing i had a music conscience german by my side

whoever said germans didnt have good balance obviously havent seen dominick play monkey ball

making snyde comments about kids that cant play baseball out loud with you wasn't life changing, but definately something i'll remember in two weeks

lets start a train/matchbox twenty/sum 41 cover band

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