merry thanksgiving

hey everyone
its november 22nd and you know what that means

means your mom is telling you to put up your christmas list

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so i started thinking about what i want for christmas and my first thoughts were:
1. power tools
2. home depot gift card
3. groceries
4. independence day
5. soap

but lets think about this, thats what i need. what do i really want?
1. 8X10 bass cab
2. million dollars
3. high paying easy job
4. another copy of jurassic park and independence day
5. soaps

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my young christmas lists looked alot like this
1. remote controlled truck or something really cool like that
2. tons of lame video games
3. doritos
4. skateboard stuff!
5. jurassic park on vhs

as a kid i would always shop around and find my mom the best prices, and where to shop because i thought that would help her save money or something like that. i would have my own budget and everything. but now that i think about it, i would pick like 12 things from 12 different stores that definately were not close to each other. my mom would probably see my list and think "jeez luke, your so freakin picky and you didnt even calculate tax stupid"

i'm always awkward when opening gifts because i dont express (i work at express come friday) joy very well, outwardly. i have to convince people that i liked their gift by reminding them for weeks that i use it everyday. i didnt know receiving a gift is so demanding

now back to eating left overs, merry thanksgiving everyone!


Alli Hibb said...

Soaps are a funny thing to ask for...

I was going to buy you Doritos...but I guess you don't want that anymore...

J.A. Hood said...

i want to put lots of hahas but i'm trying not to sound trite anymore. but I am, and this is funny so what else can i say? riveting

Courtney said...

I HATE opening gifts in front of people, it's awkward and if I don't like it...there is NO hiding it.