co-written by allison hibbard

its true, but i have to take a break from activities and say some things

girls - dont play ductball if you arent going to commit. sitting around first base playing a harmonica? really?

guys with girlfriends - dont play ductball if you arent going to commit. sitting around your girl while she plays horrible horrible horrible harmonica? really? i'm sure there's some commitee that i can talk to to get your status changed from male to vagina

when german people freak out, its nothing less then absolutely hilarious

i have an eagle on my sleeptime shirt to ward off all the terrorist ghosts. no osama bin ghost laden in my house, i tell you what

This part is written by Allison Hibbard...since a co-authored blog was promised.
I really wish that I were as capable of "stream of consciousness" blogging as Luke is.
I just typed "clogging" when I was trying to write "blogging"...which I also wish I were capable of clogging...because, honestly, how sweet would that be? If I could clog really nicely, that would be a skill that I would put on my resume.
I'd also like to be a logger. Well, that's not true...I would really hate to be a logger, because then I would have to live in the woods and probably cook with a wood-burning fire...though I would be really strong, but I would have very few places to dress up and show off my phenomenally cut arms.
Nothing else ryhmes with blogger, so I guess my work here is done.

now back to luke
i took 1000 m-grams of vitamin C, plus 3 halls defense tablets with 100% daily vitamin C content in every little delicious treat, and a thing of airborne that has 1000 m-grams of vitamin C yesterday. my future. if you dont want to read that i'll sum it up - i can get the one thing that i fear above all other ailments in the world. there is nothing i'm scared more of (thats right, cancer - nope. aids? - nope. blindness? not a disease but nope)

kidney stones

and also if i'm pregnant, i'm a few thousand short of causing my unborn fetus to have rebound scurvy which pretty much means that when they stop getting that much vitamin C, they get scurvy

but who cares. kidney stones??

suck it oranges. i'm on to you

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